Yell at Me Too

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During a football practice when John Madden was coach of the Oakland Raiders, a defensive end tackled the quarterback. Madden stopped the play and screamed at the defensive player, telling him not to hurt his teammate. On the very next play the other defensive end did the same thing. The coach was so furious he could hardly speak and ended the practice. Later he spoke with the second player and asked why he did what the coach told him not to do. The player said, “I wanted you to yell at me too.”


John Madden was an animated football coach and sports analyst. He cares passionately about things and express his feelings. His players admired his energy and straight forwardness.

Praise and blame create the compost heap of our everyday life. In the Book of Serenity it says, “Closing the door and sleeping is the way to receive those of highest potential, looking reflecting and stretching is a roundabout way for the middling and lesser.” But I ask you, what did the Chinamen of old know about football?

VERSE by Dairyu

Keeping score he creates desire
When he realizes that he is out of his depth
He clears the field
Are you waiting for his scream too?

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